Many of us feel overwhelmed by notifications – how can a smartwatch help?

We live in a time in which people rely more and more on technology as a facilitator: to meet their expectations in a world where immediacy is the new norm.

As connected ecosystems grow and become more established in our lives, this reliance will only intensify as we become accustomed to speed and regularity. Smart connected devices should complement each other – understanding when and how we need to be notified – to seamlessly deliver what we need to know, according to our preferences.

As makers of connected products, we have a responsibility to design experiences that do not overwhelm their users. We should make a conscious effort to understand how people can get most value from a product, and then use that understanding throughout our design process.

Our research shows that there are times when people want to be liberated from their phones, that are ever-growing in size. As smartwatches become more self-sufficient, they will depend less on other devices and will become a natural extension of the ecosystems we build around us – helping to surface the right content, in the right way, at the right time.

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